Set in ancient Ireland, Deirdre is a retelling of one of the oldest tales of passion and betrayal. Infused with the Celtic spirit by an evocative score, clashing swords, and the prophecy of a mystical Druid, Deirdre is the story of a fatal beauty whose destiny is to bring war to the kingdom, and of the two men who pursue her - one out of love, and the other out of obsession.

The Origins of Deirdre

The story of Deirdre is over two thousand years old, having its roots in the oral traditions of the ancient Celts. It is part of the 'Ulster Cycle,' a collection of heroic tales of the Red Branch Knights that make up a good part of the legends of ancient Ireland. The tale of 'Deirdre and the Exile of the Children of Uishna,' the most romantic of the legends found in the Cycle, is a glimpse into the almost lost culture of these Celtic people. While it has become mythologized over the millennia, the story is based on historical figures, and places that still exist today as ruins in the Irish countryside.