It is the Iron Age of Erin (Ireland), in the war-torn kingdom of Ulster. Devlyn, a young boy of 14 years, wishes to join the battle raging outside. But Levarcham, the woman who has raised him, insists that before he picks up his sword, he must know the whole story of how the war came to be. Her story takes us back thirty-eight years...

Conor is about to dedicate the harvest festival, when a pregnant woman goes into labor. Cafvah, the druid, makes a prophecy that the baby will be a girl of such beauty that kingdoms will go to war over her, causing the death of thousands. Deirdre is born, and the people rally to kill her in order to save the kingdom, but Conor will not sacrifice an innocent child. To thwart the prophecy, he commands that his most trusted advisor, Levarcham, would take Deirdre deep into the woods to be raised in seclusion.

But the king visits Deirdre and becomes obsessed with her. He declares that she shall be brought back to Ulster and made his queen. He sends his best warrior, Naisha to escort her, but the moment that Deirdre and Naisha set eyes on each other, they know that theirs is a love that was meant to be.

Can the king thwart the prophecy through the power of his will? When faced with a choice, will a hero choose love or honor? How can they run from destiny when every step brings them closer to fullfilling it?